Project countries and projects

Existenzgrundlage durch ökologische Landwirtschaft

terre des hommes schweiz operates in 11 countries worldwide and has more than 50 projects.

Apart from the project country Switzerland and the Western Sahara project in the Algerian desert, all projects are carried out in southern Africa and Central and South America. All projects have one thing in common: the primary target group are young people. The reason is simple: 1.8 billion people are in the age between 10 and 24 and their advancement is crucial for today’s global challenges.

Countries and projects in detail

Key project areas

Junge schwarze Frau an einer alten, pedalbetriebenen Nähmaschine.

Three key project areas in the center

The work of terre des hommes schweiz focuses on three key project areas: violence prevention, health and income/education. The choice of these three topics is the product of many years of experience in close cooperation with partner organizations. While relevant in all project countries, each country has one or two key issues that are most important. Working on these topics not only does important social work in these countries, but also contributes to fulfilling the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Why working in these three areas?


Solid opinions on global issues

As an international aid organisation with projects in the global north and south, terre des hommes schweiz is able to develop a comprehensive view of fundamental issues of our time. This creates the responsibility to make this experience and the knowledge acquired public. terre des hommes schweiz does this with sensitizing campaigns as well as with taking positions.

Learn more abouth our positions


Viele Sahraouis stehen um eine riesige Fahne mit der Aufschrift: Siemens get out of Western Sahara.

Make yourself strong for other people

An important part of the work of terre des hommes schweiz is sensitizing the public on relevant issues that affect the global north and south alike. terre des hommes schweiz always strives to maximize the impact of its own education and lobbying through cooperation. This work does not only take place in permanent networks, but also in loose interest groups with the same goals.

Here a selection of campaigns


Three teenagers with black and yellow T-shirts. Print: I might be young but I have a BIG voice.

Three successful ways of working

The project work of terre des hommes schweiz is characterized by three methods: youth participation, the solution-focused approach and mental and social support. Many years of project experience have shown that these three methods are key elements for successful and sustainable development in the project countries. Only these methods develope the full potential of youth.

Why are our methods so effective?

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